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Est. 1949

Welcome to Brimage Law Group

Brimage Law Group has a tradition of fostering a highly collaborative working environment where talented legal minds (with an impressive array of specialities & credentials) work together for YOU to ensure your legal results are both effective and timely!

We pride ourselves on providing you with personal service and therefore, you will always deal with your lawyer and their team directly, thus, saving you time & money... we like to think of this as one of the perks that comes with providing personalized local service!

Often these practices are not mutually exclusive. Real Estate, for example, could have a Business Law component, or an Administration of a Will could involve Estate Litigation. If you are a Brimage Law Group client you have a distinct advantage. Our lawyers collaborate and share information and leveraging this "group knowledge" comes at no extra cost to you! Think of it as your dedicated "personal legal team" giving you comprehensive legal advice.

We are a multi-practice law firm with offices throughout Norfolk County that offers "specialized expertise" in: