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Whether you are our current client, potential new client, or just randomly searching to see who we are and what we are all about, we welcome you. We think you will find our profiles enlightening and equally refreshing. Individually, our interests are as diverse as the legal practices we offer. However, we have one gleaming similarity... we are committed to achieving excellence to benefit our clients every day.

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NameAreas of ExpertiseEmail
Richard Van Severen Wills & Estates | Real Estate Law
James A. Boll Real Estate Law | Wills & Estates
W. Michael Wiebe Real Estate Law | Wills & Estates
Robert S. Fuller Business Law | Wills & Estates | Agricultural Law
Thomas N. White Business Law | Wills & Estate Law | Real Estate Law
Brett R. Kilian Real Estate Law | Wills & Estates
Tyler Nicholson Civil Litigation | Family Law | Personal Injury
Nathan Kolomaya Municipal Law | Real Estate Law
Cyrus Muller Family Law | Civil Litigation

Retired Partners

John R. Brimage
James R. Tyrrell
Brian G. Mooney
T. Fred Homeniuk
F. Albert C. Madill

Successors To

Harold Osborne
Thomas F. Hart
H. Ashton Winter
Brian J. Hogan
Lee Gaunt
John Hare
William Cauley
Micheal Gouthro