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    Did you know?

    • Before entering a business partnership it’s important that a partnership agreement is drafted by an experienced business lawyer » Learn more
    • If a “limitation period” passes with no actions taken you could miss out on the compensation you deserve » Learn more
    • Always declare an alternative guardian for any minor children in case your first choice is unable to care for them » Learn more
    • In custody agreements it’s important to include grandparents’ visitation rights » Learn more
    • When selling a property have the utility companies do the final readings to avoid contest » Learn more
    • Sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporation all have their advantages and disadvantages » Learn more
    • It’s very important to have all your documents completed properly and to have your case accurately and thoroughly stated » Learn more
    • When buying a property all documents (from both lenders and realtors) should be run by an experienced real estate lawyer » Learn more
    • Update your Will with every major change to your life, family or finances » Learn more
    • Brimage Law Group is Norfolk County’s only law firm with dedicated business lawyers » Learn more
    • You can write conditions into your Will to change it in the event of “special circumstances” » Learn more
    • If you are arrested or detained you have the right to be told why you have been arrested or detained » Learn more
    • Many lawsuits are settled before a trial begins » Learn more
    • Keep your lawyer’s contact information on hand at all times just in case of a legal misunderstanding » Learn more
    • Civil claims have set limitation periods so it is important to file as soon as possible » Learn more
    • Additional expenses in real estate transactions should be transferred via certified cheque from your bank for the exact amount » Learn more

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