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At Brimage, we believe that you shouldn’t have to go through years of legal training to understand the law. That’s why our partners have all gotten together to assemble a database of legal knowledge, presented in language that everybody can understand.

We have articles on a number of subjects: Explanations of legal procedures, accounts of precedent-setting cases and their legal implications, and even tips that could potentially save you from legal issues down the road.

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Making The Transition To Hired Labour

Agriculture Law

Robert S. Fuller and Cyrus Muller

The March 2018 edition of Better Farming contained an article with contributions from two lawyers at Brimage Law Group. It is about farmers covering all their bases before hiring.


Administration of Your Estate: It Can be Easy or Hard, the Choice is Yours

Agriculture Law

published by Robert S. Fuller

The administration of the estate of a deceased farmer can raise some unique issues which require special attention and consideration. Unlike the passing of someone with passive assets, a farmer's death often comes with a host of immediate problems, especially if the death occurs during a busy season or to a livestock operation.


Jail time or fines? Caution Needed When Cutting Trees

Municipal Law

published by Nathan A. Kolomaya

Cutting down a tree. Seems simple enough. Follow safety procedures and you’re good-to-go, right? Think again.


Agriculture struggles with Estate Administration Tax

Agriculture Law

published by Diana Martin

Our own Robert Fuller weighs in on the steep penalties unprepared farmer executors could face when dealing with the new Estate Administration Tax. Read the article.


Succession Law in Agriculture with Robert S. Fuller

Agriculture Law

published by Rebecca Hannam

Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine interviews our own Robert Fuller for great advice on agriculture business succesion and what pitfalls to avoid. Read the article.


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