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Employee Background Checks and Hiring Issues

Employers are constantly having to balance their right to information about their employees which will assist them in determining their suitability for a particular job, and the right to privacy of that employee. The issue usually arises when there is a job opening and candidates for that job are sought from outside the hiring company.

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Will Kits: ‘Saving a Bundle’ or ‘Betting the Farm’?

“Will kits” are packages usually consisting of a preprinted form (or increasingly do-it-yourself web site forms/downloads) and instructions on how to complete the form. A client asked me earlier this year about an advertisement promoting a “Will kit” which would allow him to “save a bundle” on legal fees, as the kit would allow him to prepare a Last Will and Testament on his own.

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Youth in Trouble with the Law

The first thing a parent should do if their child is charged with a criminal offence, is to get legal advice. Your child has a right to legal counsel if they are arrested, charged or detained. The Youth Criminal Justice Act confirms that a youth has a right to legal representation at any stage of the proceedings against him or her.

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Naming Your Business

When a business is being established, one of the first things that is usually addressed is the name of the business. While the task might seem simple, quite often is not.

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Sharing Property on Breakdown of Marriage

When a married couple separate and decide that they will not get back together, they will need to make arrangements to divide their property. To do so, they must calculate the value of all the property they possess and the amount of debt that they have incurred.

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What is a Power of Attorney for Personal Care?

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a written document in which you give another person (your “Attorney”) the authority to make decisions regarding your personal care (which includes health care, nutrition, shelter, clothing, hygiene or safety) in the event that you subsequently are unable to make these decisions on your own behalf.

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Don’t Believe Everything Revenue Canada Tells You

I have at times had people in my office who have “spoken to someone at Revenue Canada” (or another government agency for that matter) and received advice that they are determined to follow. Sometimes they even obtain the name of the government person they spoke to. The person feels that he or she is “protected”. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Bankruptcy – Commonly Asked Questions

Although it is something people don’t wish to think about, there are times when bankruptcy is the only financial option available. The following are some commonly asked questions about personal bankruptcy. If this is an option you must contemplate, get the advice of experts. The answers below are only general guidelines.

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  • Before entering a business partnership it’s important that a partnership agreement is drafted by an experienced business lawyer » Learn more
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  • Keep your lawyer’s contact information on hand at all times just in case of a legal misunderstanding » Learn more

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